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{giveaway} TouchTec Gloves

Yeah yeah yeah I know it's getting late in the winter for gloves BUT not for us in Alaska. And really not for anyone who might be experiencing spring when it's chilly and hot and then chilly again, like everywhere else. Yet in Alaska we are still firmly in the grips of WINTER and it is glove weather no matter what. No gloves equals chapped hands, ouch.

I like!

I've been testing out some TouchTec gloves sent to me by AT&T and I really really like them. Sure they sent me gloves to try out but I am completely free to have my very own opinion. I like them. A LOT. Why? They're Smart Phone friendly which means you can easily use your smart phone WHILE wearing them. How? TouchTec leather, I don't know the logistics and science behind that name but you can check it our right here if you need to know.

What I do know is I can wear them outside and call my husband on the phone without removing my gloves. This is very cool because I have the odd bad luck of 'losing' my keys after I've locked the door to my house. Simultaneously locking us OUT of the house and keeping us from going anywhere. Handy I know! Now I can call and keep warm(er).

I can also snap photos of kids outdoors having fun in the snow and keep my hands warm and toasty int he process. I COULD even text my now 20 year old son if I needed too. I suppose for a lot of people these would be considered texting gloves. They work wonderfully for that but to me they are a LOT more useful in the calling and photo taking areas of life.

Want to try a pair for yourself?
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