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Paleo Pizza in a Pot

We have a pizza night once a week at our house. Usually Friday nights but occasionally Saturdays work too, depends on life, really. Since I went paleo our pizza night has been hard to live through. Most things can be paleo-ized but some just seem to defy it, especially when they are covered in cheese sitting on a crispy gluten slab. Oh PIZZA.

Then about a month ago I hit on this Pizza in a Pot idea and I've been building on it every week. Basically I cook up a bunch of sausage to make myself feel better about NOT having cheesy gluten goodness, add all the veg I'd put on a pizza plus chopped eggplant and cook it up all together with some tomato puree or sauce or whatever I have on hand. I am telling you a nice big bowl of steaming Pizza in a Pot can help you feel so much better when everyone else is macking down on pizza. It's NOT perfect nor is it pizza but it is a LOT of the flavor of pizza and sometimes that's what you need.

Paleo Pizza in a Pot

1/2 pound of bulk Italian Sausage-make your own from pork sausage or buy the best you can get
1 whole eggplant
1/2 an onion
1/2 pound of zucchini
1 green pepper
8 white or cremini mushrooms
2 cups tomato puree or sauce or crushed--whatever you have-nothing added JUST tomatoes I like these
pinch or oregano
pinch of sage
salt to taste-not much depending on your sauce and sausage
good dash of pepper
10 pieces of pepperoni

brown the sausage in a nice deep pot--no need to spatter the top of you stove!
while it's cooking wash the eggplant and cut it in to bite size chunks
fill a bowl with water and add a TBSP of salt swish to combine and add the eggplant
let it rest in the salty water for 15 minutes
when the sausage is done cooking drain off the grease
reduce heat to low to avoid burning it
start washing, chopping and adding the vegetables to the pot
stir the mix every couple minutes to keep it from sticking too much
once all the veggies are added add the tomatoes and the seasonings--hold off on the salt until later though!
drain the eggplant, rinse it well and add it too
add a bit of water if there doesn't seem to be enough liquid-don't worry the veggies will release liquid and a quarter to half cup of water will not matter
cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes-roughly the time it takes to roll out a pizza, top it and bake it
once it has simmered taste it and add salt and pepper as needed
stir in the pepperoni and serve piping hot

Hope this helps if you've Gone Paleo and you NEED pizza. It has helped tremendously. I make it differently EVERY week too, Some weeks more meaty others more veg depends on what we have and what I need to use up. So take it, twist it up and make it yours.

You know what else I am loving in the I NEED SOMETHING department? Chai Tea, I bought several kinds of boxed chai and loose and we've been trying out yummy teas. It only takes a BIT of almond milk and a dab of honey to make a spicy delish cup of tea that will satisfy a sweet tooth.


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