Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

how are you spending you pennies??

Quite quickly for us this week and next is going to be lean! We had 2 family birthdays, my son turned 20 and my husband hit 40, Valentine's Days, Carnival(as in party before lent) and to top it off a third grade market day all in the span of 4 days this week. I felt like cash was just falling out of my pockets. Good thing we've tightened our belts so much that one week of excess spending didn't hurt too much. We have food bought, pantry stocked and fresh organic veggies to last us all week. We may need milk mid week but I do have almond the kids can drink if we don't go to the store.

We got another use out of our park pass this week so we've hit 4 visits, just 6 more and we'll break even on the cost. I see us hitting that mark in 2 weeks or so. I am enjoying the using my pass too. Every time I can pull up, park and just get out and go I feel so great. It's annoying to have to stop and pay 3 bucks and fill out their little slip and all that.

Eggs production is UP. Last Saturday I spent the day in Palmer teaching a Sriracha class and when we finally all got back home and brought in the eggs we had 27. We have about 30 laying hens so this is a BIG number for us. We've not hit that high again but we did hit 24 and today we had 23. Our egg total has got to be SKY HIGH for the week. Somewhere around 140 eggs, I don't have the notebook in front of me so that's an educated guess.

I bought a pack of Debbie Meyer Green bags at the thrifts this week. Seriously WHY would someone NOT want these? They make you produce last a LONG time, even cilantro lasted 2 weeks in one. It did finally get nasty but 2 weeks is like a new world record or something.

I also found this adorable little Dakin stuffed reindeer and a little red sled. Why? A month after Christmas a local thrift just had them tossed in with random junk. They were 50 cents and too cute to pass up.

Last week Happy Girl listed a TON of great ebay sales she's had, if you need inspiring she can help! Bringing home too much stuff? Well Joyful Treasure Hunting has some good questions to ask yourself before you buy more stuff! And check out Van and all her vintage shirts, wow!

Join the fun! Tell us how you spend your hard earned cash or maybe you resell and then you can share your sales with us instead. Or Etsy shops. Meal plans. And anything else that makes your dollar go further and makes you incredibly happy.

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  1. We've been freezing milk this winter to keep us out of the grocery store so much. Gallons took a full 4-5 days to thaw in the fridge, so we started freezing quarts. It's nice to have milk in the freezer when we are snowed in.


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