Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: The Penny Worthy Project


The Penny Worthy Project

How are YOU spending your pennies?

This week was much more relaxed than last week, thank goodness I don't want more weeks where we have HIGHLY EXCITING EVENTS STACKED ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. No one sleeps, everyone is cranky and quite honestly exhausted. We had 2 birthdays, 3rd grade market, carnival (mardi gras parade), Valentine's Day party at school (the last 3 all on the same day no less) then REAL Valentine's Day, a skiing party(someidiot planned that for our first day of rest all week), a wearable arts fashion show and then to top it off dinner with friends Saturday night and dinner with family Sunday night. All in 7 short days. I was super happy to see Monday roll in, even if it meant that I was stuck folding laundry all day and schlepping it around the house.

I stayed mostly OUT of thrift stores because our busy week meant we were super poor. Super poor means we didn't really put away savings the prior week and I felt G U I L T Y spending a BIT of money anywhere else. I even went to the big city to get my old sewing machine they can't fix for less than 500 dollars and was pretty much not supporting the economy there either. I did buy myself a GORGEOUS hand knit Irish wool cable knit sweater vest, for three dollars! No picture because I spent all week trying to keep it clean and dry and the cats kept knocking it off my drying rack and I had to rewash it. Yes, low and cold water but still I cringe washing a lovely old sweater more than I need to.

NOW UPDATED with pictures before I wear it for the day!!

Last week we had some awesome link ups. Paulette found and amazing casserole dish carrier server thingy. We had a great check in from My Blissful Journey and a lovely table scape for a tea party from Tammy Loves Dishes. If you didn't check out last weeks links please do and leave one for us to enjoy!

Tomorrow is a giveaway day so be sure to come back and check it out! Anyone who uses a smartphone will DEFINITELY want to get back here!

So do share--how are you making the very most of your hard earned pennies? Ebay sales? Budget meal plan? Etsy site? Thrifting lifestyle? You name it fits here!


  1. I can so relate to enjoying a normal Monday after a crazy week! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. :)

  2. Wow, really nice wool vest! Great find for $3

  3. That's a cool vest. I love thrift stores..where else can you find unique items from all over the world! :)

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  4. The sweater vest is gorgeous! I can totally relate to not shopping anywhere because of trying to save, lol.

  5. The sweater is very pretty, I would have grabbed it too! Slow week for me as well, all I found was a turtleneck at the Goodwill, but it was half off :)


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