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Bella Kids Consignment Sale [giveaway]

Last year I participated in a HUGE consignment sale here in Palmer. I really enjoyed the sale, I made some money and got some great clothes for my kids. While working there to earn volunteer hours (not mandatory) I got to hang out with Sam the owner of Bella Kids and get to know her a little bit. Sam is kind and sweet and really cares about her consignors. I had a lot of fun working with Sam and we decided that for the next big consignment sale we’d have a giveaway right here on Hey What’s for Dinner Mom?, well the time has come my friends. Let’s learn a little bit more about Sam, Bella Kids and how easy it is to be consignor, then you can enter to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to the next big sale happening April 5-7.

so Sam jumping right in, where IS the next big sale happening?
Our Spring Event will be held at the Former Special Events Party Store at 4621 Palmer-Wasilla Hwy.

Is it too late to sign up to consign? 
No, consignor registration is open now! Items can be entered until Wednesday, April 3rd at midnight! Tags can still be printed after that time.

How did Bella Kids get started? 
The idea for Bella Kids came from my sister-in-law. At the time she lived in Portland and was involved with a large seasonal consignment sale there and told me about it. I wanted to be able to have the same thing here; an event that brought people together to both buy and sell their gently used children’s items to help people both save and earn money.

Is it only kids clothes for sale?
No, we take almost all children’s items, from clothes to furniture to toys to baby equipment and much more!

How does this all work? Can anyone sell their clothes?
What happens is this: Consignors (Sellers) sign up with our online program to sell their items. Consignors then prep, price, & tag their own items then prior to the event drop them off to us during our set times.  We do all the advertising, organizing, and handling of the money. Consignors can view their total sales every evening via our online system. At the end of the event consignors can choose to pick up items that do not sell or donate them. Within 2 weeks consignors will receive a check in the mail for what they sold! (Consignors earn 70-85% of their sales.) 
Anyone is able to sell their items, so long as the items are in gently used or new condition. All items must meet our qualifications to be accepted.

How much money could I make?  
How much you make depends on how much you are selling. Consignors have earned anywhere from $15-$400+.

What happens if my clothes don’t sell?
If your items do not sell you can choose to pick them up on Monday April 8th or you can choose to have the donated. We donate our items to Heartreach and Alaska Family Services.

So basically I can sell my used kids clothes and more at your sale, set my own prices and make some cash without having a garage sale? I love this idea!

Want to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to the Bella Kids sale happening April 5-7? You can get up to FOUR entries 
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