Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Homemade Paleo Sausage


Homemade Paleo Sausage

Yep sausage is Paleo when it comes right down to it. Except the stuff you can get in the store is full of nasty stuff you probably DON'T want to consume. And all those additives ARE NOT PALEO. What to do? Well buy natural is one way to avoid a lot of that junk. Another way to avoid it is to make your own.

Making your own sausage is EASY and anyone, no really, ANYONE can do this. You need a special piece of equipment though, a meat grinder. Luckily my mother in law has one and she is kind enough to let us borrow it. We pay her back with fresh sausage, it works out perfectly. I bet if you ask around someone you know will have one. Better yet invest in one and be the one to share with your friends, LOTS of good sausage in trade for that I bet.

Invite a friend to make sausage with you, many hands make light work you know. The day spent chopping and grinding and visiting is a day well spent. My friend Mary came and made sausage with me the other day, it was great, a day I'll remember for a long time. Nothing special happened it was just ONE of those days, a good day.

 Now of course if you just want ONE pound of sausage you won't need to make a party of it. But really if you're about to go through the trouble of getting a grinder and making sausage why not make a day of it? Have everyone bring an equal amount of boneless pork shoulder roast, buy the very best you can afford, pastured pork is preferred. For each boneless shoulder roast you will also need an additional 1/2 pound of pork fat, your butcher can hook you up, just ask! Then at the end of the day split all the sausage equally. We even had some moose meat and made moose sausage at the very end.

Now the best part of making sausage is the seasoning. You grind a few pounds of meat and then some makes tiny patty and fries it up. Once it's done, taste testing ensues. If it's deemed GOOD on you go to vacuuming packing. Needs more spice? Add more. Too spicy? Add more ground meat. Remix the additions and fry another patty, try another bite. You won't eat too much by the end of the day if you just remember to take small nibbles to taste.

Here are seasoning ideas--these are not carved in stone, please start with small amounts and add more as needed. Also think about how YOU like things, maybe your preference is a sweet breakfast sausage try adding a little honey to the mix. Use your imagination and keep taste testing until you get it right FOR YOU.

Breakfast Sausage--1 TBSP dried sage--1 teaspoon granulated garlic--2 tsp salt-1 tsp pepper--1 tsp fresh minced parsley-1 tsp marjoram--1 tsp oregano--pinch of hot pepper flakes

Currywurst--1 TBSP curry powder--2 tsp salt--1 tsp black pepper--pinch of hot pepper flakes-pinch of cumin powder

Hot and Smokey--1 TBSP Cajun seasoning--1 tsp oregano--1 tsp smoked paprika--1 tsp black pepper--1 tsp salt--dash of liquid smoke--pinch of cayenne pepper

Oriental--1 inch of ginger peeled and minced--1 tsp salt--1 tsp garlic granules

Again those are seasoning ideas and a starting point. Begin with HALF the amount listed and add more as needed until the flavor you desire is achieved. Also don't be afraid to mix it up--add what YOU like, it's probably totally different that what I prefer, or even think of for that matter.

Once your sausage is made be sure to freeze it in usable sized packs. There are roughly ZERO preservatives here so no keeping it forever in the fridge.

I hope you take on the adventure of sausage making, it's fun. Plus a bunch of good honest sausage with nothing nasty in it stacked up in your freezer is a beautiful sight to see.



  1. Sausage making IS fun!! I have a meat grinder attachment for my kitchen aid mixer. I posted recipes for breakfast sausage and italian sausage a while back...you are right...fun AND tastes great. Love your little guys enthusiasm in that photo...how funny.

  2. Coleen? how do you like that grinder? is it tough enough to handle moose? curious!!

  3. I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites. Thank You.

  4. That machine is very big. Kid is putting his effort for the dinner. :)


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