Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: Just Another Meatless Monday Diablo Egg Salad


Just Another Meatless Monday Diablo Egg Salad

Hey What's For Dinner

I know you all have hard boiled eggs you need to use up. We don't because we celebrate Eastern Orthodox Easter, Pascha and it doesn't happen until May 5th year. I think my kids will be hunting eggs in real grass instead of snow. But I DID have eggs I needed to use up and I made this spicy delish version of egg salad for my husband and myself the other day.

If you want to make it paleo use a Homemade Sriracha Sauce made with honey. My recipe for Sriracha is EASY and tasty and can be modified for heat. Make a batch and use it on anything that needs a dash of flavor. I've been making our own for months now and we STILL love it. Flavor does and spice does not need to be limited because of the paleo diet. Yeah tell that to me last week when I ate a HUGE plate of biscuits and gravy. My body ached the next day. I want to start adding SOME grains back to my diet but flour regular old flour will never be my friend. Sad face, sort of anyway, I like feeling young and moving easily too. I think I'll try some NON glutinous grains in the next few weeks to see how they affect me, I'd like to include some grains in my diet.

Diablo Egg Salad

6 hard boiled eggs, peeled
2 TBSP Sriracha--more or less to taste
1 teaspoon mustard
1 TBSP mayo
2 TBSP pimentos OR diced red pepper
1/2 jalapeño seeded and diced
salt and pepper to taste

in a mixing bowl mash the peeled eggs with a potato masher
mix in the Sriracha, mustard and mayo
mix well
stir in the pimentos and peppers
taste and adjust as needed with salt and pepper
add more Sriracha if desired
if it's too hot add a wee tad more mayo the fat in it will help cut the heat

Use this HOWEVER you want. We ate it on lettuce leaves and on celery sticks. Two big soft slices of white bread would be amazing, crackers, IN deviled eggs would be divine. In fact make this into deviled eggs, just don't mash up the whites and use a bit less sauce and such to make divine deviled eggs. Apparently I need to go boil MORE eggs. Don't forget to check out the Sriracha recipe either, it's really good.



  1. This looks DELICIOUS, although I don't think it really qualifies for "meatless", lol.

  2. Try quinoa for a non-gluten grain. It's got a ton of protein too, which is awesome.

  3. I've never been a big fan a labeling days with a certain type of cooking.
    Meatless Monday could lead on to Tasteless Tuesday, Flavorless Friday and Salty Saturday.
    Just cook and name the recipe from its primary ingredient/s or method.


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