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The Penny Worthy Project

Well it's spring out there and we hit a moving sale this week. It was lame and we bought NOTHING but we went and that is something, right? I think some people have an over inflated idea of what their stuff is worth, ouch. A bucket of used bolts is not worth 10 dollars nor is it worth haggling over.

Did you enter the I LOVE PALMER giveaway? Well I got 202 entries for our little giveaway. It was a lot of fun and we'll be definitely be doing more of those. The winner was Julie and she is excited to have won. And I currently have a giveaway up and running for the local folks only. Check out the Bella Kids giveaway and enter to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to their next sale.

I managed to get out thrifting a few times this week and look at the ADORABLE-NESS I found

I have this Matryoshka Measuring Cup set in white and I paid a WHOLE lot more for it than I did for both of these sets I bought. So so cute!

And I found this Mickey Mouse mini cakes pan

 super cute, might make them for our kids before we head to Disneyland next year. We're planning on that, we'll see how it goes, fingers crossed!

Last week we had some cool link ups. Lynda bought some wonderful things including a lovely present for her sister SHHHH. Happy Girl Thrift had some seriously great sales on ebay, wow! Wendy found some beautiful things and she has a link up for thrift finds too.

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  1. Ooooh, those measuring cups are TOO COOL! I was laughing about the bucket of bolts for $10....people do get emotionally attached to their junk, don't they?


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