Yum Hey What's for Dinner Mom?: HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway


HMDX Jam Bluetooth Speaker Giveaway

One thing I used and loved while refinishing our floors was the super awesome HDMX Jam Blue Tooth Speaker from AT&T. I could run my computer in the kitchen away from stain and varathane and take my music with me, anywhere in my house. I loved working on my floors with music playing, songs I can sing to make work so much more fun. I logged a lot of hours on that little speaker and it is still running strong. I even knocked it off the edge of my couch while attempting to squeeze by and it is still working. Gotta love that but I don't recommend that kind of abuse.
Cute right?
My kids have been appreciating it too, we have lots of books on cds and we pop those in and off we go, I 'm working and we're all listening. We've even put the Story of the World on and listened to it for hours at a time. The battery life is pretty good on it too, I only ran it down all the way once and I was surprised it lasted that time as long as it did. And if I wasn't giving one away and you wanted to buy one they run in about the 50 dollar range which is not bad for a portable bluetooth speaker, believe me I was in market before this gem showed up on the radar. 
AT&T sent me this amazing little speaker and I get to give one away. Are you remodeling? You need this. Got kids home on summer break? You need this. Lame speakers on your laptop (ahem!!) You need this. Tons of ways to enter  to win the HDMX Jam Blue Tooth Speaker from AT&T via Rafflecopter so have fun, you can even enter once a day via twitter if you want to. 
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And as always I was sent this to try out, my experience with it is entirely my own.


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