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Pumpkin Brioche

I've been trolling the internet hunting up good bread recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner and I think I finally found a WINNER. This Pumpkin Brioche is definitely going on my table this year. When I told the boys this was the 'big winner' they literally cheered, with their mouths full of bread (disgusting) it was muted but a cheer nonetheless. 
What is brioche exactly? It's kind of like an enriched bread, full of milk, eggs and butter. It's French in origin and has a fine texture. It's quite honestly the best bread I've ever made. Mostly because the recipe is so full of butter and eggs but also because I followed the recipe and really did let it rise three times. It may seem like a lot of work but the end product is delectable and worth it. Totally worth it. 
The original recipe is here and I've cut it down for you because my huge KitchenAid mixer was smoking by the time the kneading was finished. Being that it's the professional grade and made for big loads I'm betting that a lot of people have smaller mixers at home. Could you use your hands? I'm sure you could, just replace knead with hands wherever it say let the machine knead it. 
Pumpkin Brioche
for the sponge
3 TBSP +1 tsp warm milk
1 ½  tsp yeast
¾ cup of pumpkin puree
2 TBSP sugar
¾ cup bread flour 
mix the warm milk with the yeast in the bowl of your KitchenAid
let it rest 5 minutes
mix in the remaining ingredients using the paddle attachment
let it rest in a warm space for 45 minutes to an hour
then using the dough hook add
3 ⅓ cups of bread flour
1 ¼ tsp salt
4 large eggs
mix until well incorporated
knead for 5 minutes--this is where the mixer started smoking
then add 1&½ sticks of butter 2 TBSP at a time
knead the dough until shiny and smooth
oil a bowl and slide the dough in
cover with plastic wrap and let rest in a warm space until doubled in size
once it has doubled punch it down, fold it over and recover it
let it rise at least 4 hours 
when you are ready to bake grease two loaf pan generously
punch down the dough again
divide in half and roll each piece flat into a 6x8 size rectangle
roll up like a jelly roll, pinch the seam well and place in greased loaf pans seam side down
let them rest AGAIN in a warm space [like your oven, begin warming it before you roll the dough then turn it off it should not be hot just nice and warm, then when it's time to bake it's ready to go and you don't run the chance of losing the rise add a sauce pan of boiling water to keep in moist if you like] until doubled in size
once it's doubled and filling up the pan so nicely turn the oven on to 400˚
bake for 10 minutes at 400˚-I counted the preheat period as a part of the 10 minutes
then reduce heat to 350˚ and bake for an additional 30 minutes
after 20 minutes of baking beat 2 egg yolks and brush them on the loaves of bread
continue baking until 10 more minutes have passed
once baked remove from the oven and immediately remove from the pans
cool and serve
The original recipe, like I already said, was huge so I made 2 loaves of regular bread and one braided bread. The braid cooked for just as long as the loaves, I expect that rolls would cook a bit faster. 
When I slice the last loaf of this bread I will snap another photo so you can see just how gorgeous it is. 
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